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PLC & Process Control

     Smart Relay PLC
     Small Process Control Programmers
     Advance Process Control Programmers

     Digital Input Module
     Digital Output Module
     Digital I/O Module

     Analog Input Module
     Analog Output Module
     Analog I/O Module
     Other Module PLC

     Industrial Network
     PLC Software
     HMI Software
     Cable & Programming Cable

HMI Touch Screen

     Text Display
     Touch Screen


     Inductive Proximity Sensors
     Capacitive Proximity Sensors

     Photoelectric Sensors
     Fiber Sensors
     Area Sensors
     Laser Sensors
     Color Sensors
     Ultrasonic Sensors

     Pressure Sensors
     Pressure Gause

     Level Sensors
     Float Level Sensors
     Level Controllers

     Temperature Sensors
     Humidity Sensors

     Encoder Accessories

     Limit Switch Sensors
     Position Sensors
     Load Cell

Timer, Counter, Display Panel

     Analog Timers
     Digital Timers
     Realtime Timers

     Digital Counters
     Temprature Controllers
     Humidity Controllers
     Lamp Controllers

Industrial Accessories

     Lamp & Pilot
     Button, Switch
     Capacitor & Controllers
     Power Meter
     Volt,Ample,Frequency Display Panel,...
     Current Transformers
     Terminal blocks & Connectors

Motors & Drivers

     Single Phases Inverter
     3 Phases 200/240 VAC Inverters
     3 phases 380/440 VAC Inverters
     HVAC & Pump Inverters
     Soft Starter
     Inverter Accessories

     Servo Motor Drivers
     Step Motor Drivers
     DC Motor Drivers

     Servo Motors
     Step Motors
     DC Motors
     3 phase AC Motors

     DC-AC Inverters


     Fixed ACB
     Drawout ACB
     ACB Accessories

     2 poles ATS
     3 poles ATS
     4 poles ATS
     ATS Controllers

     1 pole MCCB
     2 poles MCCB
     3 poles MCCB
     4 poles MCCB
     MCCB Accessories

     1 pole MCB
     2 poles MCB
     3 poles MCB
     4 poles MCB

     2 poles ELCB
     3 poles ELCB
     4 poles ELCB

Contactor & Overload Relay

     Contactor DC Coil
     Contactor AC coil
     Thermal Overload Relays
     Contactor Accessories

     CB Motors
     Electronic Relays

Power Supply & Fuses

     Power Supply
     Power Surge Protection
     Signal Surge Protection

Thiết bị khí nén

     Solenoid valve
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